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Over 30 years ago, Jim and Connie Schumaker started their business with nothing more than a saber saw, sander paper and some paint. It quickly grew in leaps and bounds and expanded to where Connie took over their two-car garage and more than half of the basement. At that time, they were doing over 20 major craft shows a year in 7 different states, in addition to having two reps

on the west and east coasts.

Connie has worked with wood and cloth since she was very young…an interest that quickly became a fun career for her. She has always enjoyed working and renewing old pieces…those old forgotten pieces that at one time stood proudly in your parents’, grandparents’ or aunts’ homes to only be moved to the attic for something more modern and up-to-date. Pieces that were loved enough to keep but have been left and neglected for years. These are the type of pieces that Connie gives a new life and purpose, mixing antique with modern.

Ten years ago they expanded their line to include jewelry. This time they went beyond the wood to work with Vintage Sterling Silver Flatware making necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, custom bracelets, etc.

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Owners, Connie and Jim Schumaker

Fast forward through their childrens'

graduations from high school and

college, marriage and onto 5 of the

greatest grandkids anyone could

ever want. Connie and Jim decided

it was time to open up the two-car

garage, basement and barn (which

she is slowly taking over as well

with her pieces!), take a break from

so many craft shows, and open up a store.

And this is where Tattered & Worn comes into play…driving through downtown Brewster, Ohio, one day, Connie noticed a store area for rent along Route 93. She fell in love with the storefront and began the process of making her vision a reality. Jim and Connie started working on the store almost immediately…transforming it into a style that is all their own. The store features repainted and repurposed furniture, custom finished furniture, jewelry, antiques and primitives, rustic, vintage and shabby chic home décor, and so much more!

Tattered & Worn is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00am to 4:00pm. Connie holds painting workshops throughout the year. She is the exclusive territory retailer of this environmental friendly product

Tattered & Worn’s product line will change quite often, so make sure you stop in regularly…Connie’s beautiful furniture, handmade jewelry and accessory pieces for your home and gardens never tend to stay around long. Jim and Connie accept custom orders as well.

Make a special trip to Brewster to visit Tattered & Worn, located a quarter mile south on Route 93, past Shearer's Outlet Store. Stop by on your way through town as you travel to Amish Country.