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Terra Bella Paint is a line of paints and finishes that are
simply in a class by themselves. Unlike 
many boutique brands, our
chalk finish,
 is made with natural pigments in an acrylic base, creating adhesive properties unlike any other. It adheres to most surfaces. “Chalked” paint eliminates tedious prep work and still manages to
cover in one or 
two beautiful opaque coats. Terra Bella Paint combines modern technology and the highest quality American ingredients 
to bring several safe and easy-to-use products to the market.

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Saltwash, also available at Tattered & Worn, is an easy to use base coat formula to give a layered and textured effect when mixed with any brand or type of paint. Apply your mixture to any piece of furniture or surface to achieve an authentic time worn look, as if weathered from years on the coast, in just a few easy steps. It’s an instant and affordable genuine vintage look. Visit Tattered & Worn today to see the incredible effects of this paint!

Terra Bella Paint Colors
Our VOC free paints are non-toxic, pure acrylic, with vibrant colors and incredible coverage. They provide a beautiful, chalky matte finish and are extremely adhesive to surfaces such as wood, glass, plastic, metal and more. For a smooth, brush stroke free finish, we recommend misting your brush bristles with water while applying the paint. Our paints should be sealed with one of our Protect & Seal finishes for best results.
Coverage: 16oz covers about 75 sq ft (apx 600 sq ft per gallon)!

Terra Bella Paint Acrylic-Chalk Paint comes in 4 different sizes and our products are not diluted with solvents or fillers or water. The paints are thicker than others and you'll get greater coverage when using Terra Bella Paint. Stop in the shoppe for a quick demo on how to apply our paints and see how far they will go. You'll be surprised what all you can paint with a 4 oz jar.

​​   Know The Facts

  • All Terra Bella Paint products are completely non-toxic, VOC-Free and made in the USA.
  • All Terra Bella Paint products, including the Varnish, are water-based for easy clean-up.
  • Terra Bella is the creator and exclusive retailer of Protect & Seal, a revolutionary new varnish/
    ​resin combination​ that’s easy to apply.
  • 1-2 coat coverage with very little to no sanding or priming needed.

Terra Bella Paint Products

Acrylic-Chalk Paint: A velvety smooth flat

looking paint with incredibly rich colors. There

is no need to sand or prime before painting a

clean surface with our paints. Our paints can be

sprayed or rolled with a foam roller as well as brushed.

We recommend thinning with 20% water when spraying or rolling.
Our acrylic-chalk paints are pure and thick, yet easy to apply with a damp brush. This flat paint leaves a smooth matte finish when dry, which can be distressed. Our paints come in 29 beautiful colors and adhere to almost any surface including furniture, canvas, wood, glass, metal, plastic, tin, tile, ceramic, formica, countertops, plexiglass and more. Terra Bella Protect & Seal Varnish or Liquid Wax can be applied to the finished surface for protection that will last for years.
No VOC, Non-toxic, Crib Safe, Conforms to ASTM D6886, Made in the USA.​

Shimmers: Our Shimmers are metallic paints and glazes. Mix these with your Varnish or Liquid Wax to give a pearlescent look to your finish, or mix them with 50% water and apply over your entire piece to give it a beautiful iridescent look. Our favorite application of shimmers is to use them on old, dingy hardware to give it a beautiful metallic finish. Our VOC free shimmers can be used in numerous ways and require no sanding or priming. You should seal shimmers with a Protect & Seal satin or gloss Varnish to protect your finished piece.

Protect & Seal: Protect & Seal finishes are used to seal your furniture or craft project after you’ve applied your last coat of paint. Completely non-toxic and VOC Free, our Protect & Seal products won’t emit any toxins or off gas into your home. You can also use Protect & Seal products to seal in odors and existing stains before you paint.

Protect & Seal Tinted: When you want to tone down a paint color or stain some wood, use our tinted version of liquid wax. We have added pigment to our sheer wax to give you a staining and antiquing option that is safe and easy to apply with a protective finish. 100% non-toxic and VOC Free.

Protect & Seal Varnish: Protect & Seal Varnish is a VOC Free and non-toxic top coat that seals your porous surface to protect it from the elements and from wear and tear. Apply Varnish with a brush in thin, even coats for a silky smooth finish. Our Varnish comes in sheer matte, satin, and gloss. It is ideal for surfaces that will get a lot of wear and tear.

Crackle: If you are going for a crackled, old world finish, then this is for you! Crackle is our non-toxic gel that can be applied directly to a surface. Once painted over, it will provide a crackle finish to the paint.

Texture: Texture is a 100% non-toxic and VOC free wood filler. Use this to repair old, chipped veneer, cracks, nail holes, or whatever you would use wood filler on. It also can be molded to repair missing trim or used for raised stenciling. It can be sanded, painted, and stained.

Wood Gel Stain: Terra Bella is excited to offer one of the few VOC free and non-toxic gel stains on the market at an affordable price! Our gel stains are silky smooth and are perfect for staining raw wood. To stain an existing finish, try one of our tinted Protect & Seal finishes. Our gel stain contains wood conditioner so just apply directly to the raw wood. Terra Bella Gel Stains should be protected with either Varnish or Liquid Wax. Color options are Expresso (dark brown), Chocolate (medium brown), and Cherry.